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•Please be on time. Arriving 15 MINUTES late to your appointment will result in less time on your service, a late fee, and possibly rescheduling.

•Refunds are not given for services rendered.

•Note that excessive watering during application may cause retention issues. You must keep your eyes closed during the entire lash service.​

•Coming in contact with heat, flames, ovens, smoke, and steam and any other excessive heat will singe the ends of the extensions and/or cause them to lose their curl.
•If you come into your fill appointment with less than 40% of your lashes it will be considered a full set regardless of how long it’s been.


•Please come in with NO MASCARA & EYELINER. Coming

with unclean lashes will take away from the time of your service.

​•Appointments must be cancelled 24 hours in advance of your appointment or you will be charged 50% of the service booked. Notifications are sent 24 hours ahead of appointment.

​• If you come in with lashes from another lash tech, they may need to be removed depending on condition.

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